The day she came and stole our heart :)


After tirelessly hunting for an apartment in a happening area in the city for over a year, we finally met uncle Venkat and his beautiful wife Aunty V. They in turn were keen to share their lovely bungalow with a good family and had put in a word with many people in their circle about the same. No, I do no remember how and when exactly all of us became a family and when both of them became ‘Tattha’ and ‘Paati’ to the girls, it is as if this has been like this for years, this relationship and family bonding 🙂 🙂

Uncle Venkat told me he had 2 Labradors earlier and after they passed away he has been longing to get another four legged but now it would be difficult to look after the dogs, especially when they travel, but he has been thinking about this. By this time I had told Uncle and Aunty all my dog stories and how I have grown up with the four legged babies all my life till I got married.

Uncle knew I was a mad dog person, Aunty too loved dogs, but she also wanted a parrot (she still wants one) but somehow the dog had just become a ‘feel good topic’ over the afternoon coffee or evening garden tending time đŸ˜Ļ Uncle knew my urge to get a dog and both of us had already dreamt that whenever it would be, we will only Adopt and not buy 🙂 We knew that the Indies are smarter and had read/heard/knew of several Animal welfare organisations who seek human families for the Indian furies or abandoned pedigree dogs.

In 2011, I was expecting ‘Ladoo’, our first baby and I was due in the month of December. On September 19th 2011, Uncle told me in the morning that he is off to some exhibition for the senior citizens with a friend, Aunty was in Chennai to meet her folks and I was alone at home in the ‘nestling mode’. Uncle sent me a SMS in the afternoon that read “I have a surprise for you, come down in another 5 minutes'”
Uncle enjoys giving us surprises, small joys that we really look forward to, like some yummy food that he will pack for us, some random paper art, a drawing, little presents picked up during travel, and Aunty on the other hand simply shops for the kids, no surprises, shopping straight away 🙂

So the SMS from Uncle that read “I have a surprise for you, come down in another 5 minutes” got a smile on my face and somehow I wished for a living being, no clue at all why and how I felt that. I immediately replied to him “Oh God, I hope the surprise is a dog” 🙂 even today Uncle seems to be pleasantly surprised (read it as shocked) that what made me type this reply.

I went down and there she was 🙂 Sniffing every corner of the garden and gauging the human signals with her tiny brown tail with a white tip 🙂 Our Sahana. My eyes are filled up with that moment right now as I type. Sahana was here to love us unconditionally. Uncle Venkat was now the ‘Tattha’ and Aunty who was in Chennai could not really believe the news that we had a dog in the house and the ‘would be father’ was still in the office unknown about the scene at home. 🙂 🙂

She had arrived 🙂




Me and the four legged.


My late father was a noted author and speaker in the Marathi and Hindi literary circles and also a panelist at the Sahitya Academy of India. His style of writing and the subjects he chose had a huge following. One of his books called ‘Naal’ (ā¤¨ā¤žā¤ŗ in Marathi) which means ‘Umblical chord’ had won the prestigious ‘Vidydhar Pundalik Sahitya Sanmaan’ for best short stories. In this book my father has written about people who were extremely close to him, from whom he learnt, spent precious time of his life, people who meant the world to him. According to him, these were the people ( other than his mother) with whom he shared the most special bond, a bond alike the umbilical cord that kept them together, that kept them close. The umbilical cord binds the mother and the child and it’s through this cord that the child holds onto his life into the womb. Where as the this chord that kept my father and these people together was special and equally important in the outer world just as it was as when he was in his mother’s womb. Thus the ā¤¨ā¤žā¤ŗ.

So the people with whom my father shared the ā¤¨ā¤žā¤ŗ were the most amazing and celebrated ones. Renowned music director C.Ramchandra, Ustad Aamir Khan Saheb, the most loved author of Bengal, Sunil Gangopadhyay whom I fondly called Shunil kaku, P.L. Deshpande, the favourite author from Maharashtra and many other famous people and then there was ‘Gurudatta’ 🙂

‘Gurudatta’ ~ā¤—āĨā¤°āĨā¤Ļā¤¤āĨā¤¤ā¤ž was the name of our four legged furry. A Pom and Spitz mix. Ironically Lord Gurudatta or Dattatreya as He is known is an incarnation of Lord Shiva and also represents the ‘Trimuti’ in the Indian mythology. Followers of Lord Gurudatta in Maharashtra often greet each other saying ‘Jai Dev Gurudatt’ and The Lord whose vehicle is a cow is seen with four Indian Dogs around him. The four dogs are said to represent the four Vedas. Many people do not hurt dogs in Maharashtra especially since the animal is associated to Lord Dattatreya. (Religion takes over humanity. Sigh!)

Anyway, the day my dad got our four legged furry baby home, that day was ‘Datta Jayanti’ the birthday of Lord Gurudatta according to the Hindu calendar, and thus my father proudly named our furry ‘Gurudatta’ 🙂 my parents were totally attached to him and after I was born and when I started to crawl Gurudatta and me became inseparable. My mother recalls how Gurudatta had become possessive and his approval was utmost important when guests picked me up to show their love. A chapter in my father’s book is on Gurudatta, who unfortunately had a short life and I recall my father saying that it took him lot of strength to write that chapter as the loss of Gurudatta was nothing less than losing their own child.

I guess I grew up with my furry family just the way today Laadoo and Bundi are growing up. Thanks to my parents. Sharing a picture of me with my Father and ‘Birbal’ the furry my parents adopted soon after ‘Gurudatta’ passed away, as my father had made a rule in the house that when one furry child leaves us, only the next one will make us feel better, “you can never mourn for the animal that has given you endless happy moments in life, he won’t like it” he said. And with that equation, we always had a furry ball in our house and in our hearts. We still have 🙂
Miss you Baba and all my four legged brothers and sisters 🙂 the ‘Naal’ with Guru and with all furry babies remains strong even today and my girls nurture every minute spent with Sahana.

Woof! Lick! Love!



Hello, my first post


Bloggers/readers, A big hello. I am a mother to three girls, one among them by the name of ‘Sahana’ is a four legged Indian breed girl. She is 2 years and 7 months as of today. My other human daughters are ‘Laadoo’ aged 2 years 3 months and ‘Bundi’, 3 months.
My youngest daughter is too young to realise that she has two doting elder sisters and thus for a while my blog shall read only about Sahana and Laadoo. A lot of my friends who adore my girls and their strong sisterly bond asked me to compile their stories and photographs and one day my friend Sudha insisted that how much she admires the photographs of my girls and that I must blog about it. The thought was indeed great, but I am known to be lazy and obviously the thought just lingered in my mind never to take shape. Thoughts changed when I recently read a couple of news articles about people abandoning their pets, especially dogs stating reasons like “my wife is expecting, how can we keep the dog once the baby arrives” or “the puppy is hyperactive and might harm our child, it is risky” again “we have no problem keeping the dog with the child but our parents are against it, they are doting grandparents who see the pet as a threat” and above all this, “I am specific about my child’s hygiene, the pet has to go” đŸ˜Ļ and this is how the most loving creature, man’s best friend is dumped.
My blog and photographs of my daughters is an attempt to make the people aware how naturally affectionate dogs and in general animals are with the babies or an infant and even a new born. More over I write this blog to promote our own Indian dogs, (the vet proudly calls them the ‘Bharat hounds’) the Indian strays are the most affectionate and one of the smartest breeds we have. They are as much Indian as we are. Totally. Please opt to adopt an Indian pup/dog and say no to breeders.
Lots more to write and to share, stories and real life incidents about my daughters and their journey and also about the Man of the house who is a doting father to my dolls and he means the world to them.
Opt to adopt. Please!
Love and licks,
Sahana, Laadoo and Bundi.